Air Break Switches
11 kv, 22 kv and 33 kv Air Break Switches are suitable for maintaining safety while opening and closing an electrical circuit under different working conditions. Suitable for high voltage power lines utilization purpose, these electrical switches use compressed air for separation of the contacts of the switch.

Pole Line Hardware Fittings
Clamps, pins and bolted Pole Line Hardware Fittings are popular for their high strength, ergonomic design, quick installation process and sturdy construction. Made of aluminum, offered hardware fittings have accurate diameter.

Substation Clamps & Connectors
Deign of Substation Clamps & Connectors conforms to IS norms. Made of die cast aluminum, this product range has long working life. Low maintenance design and long working life are the key aspects of this product range.
Tower Line Hardware Fittings
Single tension AAH and double tension FAH-based Tower Line Hardware Fittings are suitable for secure fixing of roofing membranes and insulation boards to a specific structure. Mae of galvanized steel, this product range is available with 1 year warranty period.

Double break isolators are IS-approved substation fitting accessories that are suitable for high-voltage power transmission lines. These pole lines and substation fittings are available with a galvanized surface finish to avoid harsh weather. 

Polymer Silicon Rubber Insulators
Polymer Silicon Rubber Insulators are available with vibration and shock resistance features. High dielectric strength, weather proof design and strong corrosion resistance property are the key features of this product range.
Drop Out Fuse
Polymer Drop Out Fuses are instrumental in the automatic disconnection of the power-supplying process during a short circuit or power overload conditions. A metal strip of this range of fuses tends to melt and break the circuit in case the current surpasses the pre-determined limit.
Horn Gap Fuse
Horn Gap Fuses are suitable for high-voltage line application purposes. The air gap of this range of fuses tends to break down when an over current passes through it. As a result, their plates come in close contact with each other for an uninterrupted flow of large amounts of current.
Stay Set
Galvanized iron-made stay sets are suitable for secure holding of cable and power transmission lines. Square in shape offered product range is accessible with 1 year warranty period. These are available in 10 mm to 50 mm thickness range.

HT Line Spares
Made of copper, iron, and brass, offered range of HT Line Spares are the pole line and substation fitting accessories. Developed as per IS specifications, these hot dip galvanized spares come with 12 month of warranty period.

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