11KV and 33 KV double break isolators are mechanical switching accessories installed either vertically or horizontally in the open position in the overhead lines to generate an isolating distance for electrical safety purposes. These IS-certified substation fittings and pole line fittings have galvanized coated surfaces to resist harsh weather. Available in 200/400/630 Amp voltage choices, these high voltage isolators are useful for breaking electrical circuits. The triple pole construction-based design of this product range includes galvanized steel base, fixed and movable type copper contacts, post-type insulators, and galvanized iron-made coupling pipes. To suit specific application requirements, this product range is available in porcelain and polymer-made versions.

Product Image (33 KV-POLY-ISO-DB-400)

33 KV Polymer Double Break Isolator

Price: 17000.00 - 44000.00 INR/Set

33 KV 400 Amps Polymer Double Break Isolator complete with operating accessories viz. G.I. operating Pipe, Handle etc.

Product Image (EIS-33KV-POR-SC-ISO-DB)

33 KV Double Break Solid Core type Isolator

Price: 32000.00 - 60000.00 INR/Set

33 KV 400, 630, 800 AND 1250 Amps Double Break Isolator Porcelain Solid Core type complete with G.I. Operating Accessories viz. Pipe, Handle, Earth Switch, Auxiliary Box etc.

Product Image (EIS-11-ISO-DB-400-2)

11 Kv Double Break Porcelain Isolator

Price: 15000.00 - 22000.00 INR/Set

11 KV Porcelain type double break Isolator, horizontal mounted manual operated type suitable for 11 KV Pole Line Fittings and Substations.

Product Image (EIS-33KV-POR-ISO-DB-400)

33 KV 400 Amps Double Break Isolator

Price: 25500.00 - 45000.00 INR/Set

33 KV 400 Amps Double Break Porcelain Isolator complete with operating accessories viz. G.I. Operating Pipe, Handle, Earth Switch etc. on case to case basis.

Product Image (11KV-POLY-ISO-DB-400)

11 KV Polymer Double Break Isolator

Price: 7000.00-18000.00 INR/Set

11 KV 200-400 Amps Double Break Polymer Isolator, 9 Insulators per set with operating Accessories viz. G.I. Operating Pipe, G.I Square Bar, Handle, Small Eye etc.


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